‘Outside it may be raining but in here its entertaining’

Despite having to hop over puddles on the way to work as well as digging out that awful pond green waterproof jacket,  we here at Free Space Gallery are still optimistic about summer 2012. Lots has been going on with a wonderful exhibition by PaperGirlLondon 

Although the exhibition only graced our walls for a number of days the reaction was overwhelming, with work sent in from as far a field as Japan and Brazil. The work will be distributed, hopefully on a sunny Saturday afternoon, we are looking for people who like to ride bikes and bring joy. For an idea of what we mean have a look at what PaperGirl Berlin have gotten up to in previous years. If you would like to get involved in the bike ride and distribution or for a chance of owning some of the work please get in contact by emailing mel@weirdpixels.com or leaving a comment.

In other news we have three more openings in the next couple of weeks, so plenty to keep your mind ticking over when ordinarily you would be out barbequing in the summer weather.

London On The Dial

Thursday 12th July


An exhibition of images that track a personal journey through the city. Iranian photographer Pirasteh Gourang displays images created through long city walks, some show the city we all recognise the large expansive urban backdrops, whereas others focus on the more melancholy and desolate scenes of the city in which we live.

Come along to the opening evening and share your city memories with the artist and other city dwellers.

This exhibition is taking place at our sister venue the

New Space Gallery

76 Queens Crescent




Friday 13th July


And if the idea of reminiscing about London life doesn’t thrill you hows about a bit of passion on a Friday evening?! Syrian artist Hala Georges brings a good deal of colour and shape into the Free Space Gallery through her explorations of the female form and her reference to place and time in her illustrations. Her large scale paintings speak of her feelings of female identity asking us about how we view ourselves and those around us.

Intrigued? Well come and meet Hala in the passionate surroundings of the Free Space Gallery!

Free Space Gallery

Kentish Town Health Centre

2 Bartholomew Road




Trust us there is plenty more where that came (planning some more happenings in the Art Shed very soon).

Have a good un and hope to see you all soon in your wellies and mackintoshes with wine in hand and a discerning art face on!



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