Fragments and a marathon

Do you sometimes only remember fragments of a Saturday evening?

Well here is your chance to say that instead of only remembering fragments you took part in FRAGMENTS.

Print makers Jairo Zaldua and Nicola Green collaborate with dancer Katsura Isobe  in what is an ongoing exploration of mental health through dance performance and installation. Inspired by Nikolai Gogol’s Diary of a Madman the three artists come together to create an installation, performance and series of open workshops taking place over the next few months.

The show will open this Saturday evening with visitors encouraged to take part in creating the installation through undertaking a number of tasks set by the artists as well as interacting with the dance performance. The installation will be housed within the Free Space Gallery and the Art Shed in the grounds of the gallery and will change and morph as it grows and is added to by visitors, staff and patients (the gallery is based within the Kentish Town Health Centre).

So reserve your time this Saturday and prepared to be fragmented. There is no need to get a ticket just come along and enjoy a less conventional Saturday evening!



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