New year new growth

Emerald Dunne with her work

Emerald Dunne with her work

‘Stars and Stems’ – January 2013

Every new year we tend to try and squish ourselves into something that doesn’t quite fit. Maybe out of politeness we have to be seen wearing a new and completely inappropriate item of clothing purchased by a loved one who has no idea of our size/shape/style or maybe it is a bit more of a mental squish. We force ourselves to naval gaze and to come up with an arbitrary list of things which we need to change about ourselves.

Usually this squishing is only done for a few weeks before the clothing needs to go in to the wash basket and can disappear from memory or the lengthy list of self improvements can be supplanted by a weekly shopping list. This year however we urge you to delve deeper and persevere, maybe not with the clothing. We offer to you on a plate a chance to achieve some of those new years resolutions you can:

1. Meet an artist

2. Discuss art with an artist

3. Get tipsy in a cultural setting

4. Generally be more cultured

Free Space Gallery can be your one stop shop this new year when we host a special open afternoon/evening with artist Emerald Dunne.

Stars and Stems opens the Free Space programme of 2013 with an explosion of colour. Emerald brings together her collection of circle paintings inspired by the spirituality of this most fundamental of shapes.

With a background in stained glass Emerald understands the importance of light and colour and creates a feast for the eyes of painting and mixed media pieces. Having lived in Japan Emerald references this experience in her work, seeing the culture as both traditional and innovative, she employs craft techniques and materials in her work creating a true fusion of ideas and execution.


The Free Space Gallery will host an afternoon of refreshments with the artist on hand to answer any questions you may have about her work. And she did tell me yesterday she may be tempted to bake, if her cakes are as colourful and tasty looking as her paintings then we are in for a treat!

Stars and Stems

Saturday 19th January 3-8pm


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