News / Workshops / Performance – ‘Kaleidoscope The Unpublished Chapters: Relapse’ by Hidden Agenda – September 2013

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I have never been very good at origami I have often struggled to fold a napkin in to a cone like structure for my catalogue of failed dinner parties  so I am intrigued to see if under Cate Smail‘s guidance I can make a bird from paper to carry my secrets away at this Thursday’s opening of Art + Healing!

Art + Healing is a show of work by art therapists and their clients, a collection of personal and intimate stories told through art of all forms. As a collection of work it shows the diversity of practice currently taking place and asks you to stop and consider.

As well as the show itself there are a series of workshops and events taking place on an art therapy theme, all of course are free and open to all ages and abilities.

• Secrets with Wings Thursday 19th September (open evening)
Do you have a burning secret you have never told anyone? This Art therapy activity using origami helps you to unburden your soul and allow your secret to fly free into the world.
6-7 pm – Origami butterflies with artist, Lizzie Burns
7-8 pm – Origami birds with art psychotherapist, Alison Brown

• Let Nature be your inspiration Thursday 19th September (open evening) 6.30-7.30pm
Art activity using found and natural objects to create an artwork that says something about you. Participants are invited to select materials from the surrounding environment that have meaning to them and create a piece that will be hung in the art shed in the garden for the duration of the exhibition.Facilitated by Art Psychotherapist, Melanie Stevenson

• A postcard from the heart… Daily ongoing interactive activity
Write a postcard to someone special in your life telling them what you have always wanted to say, but for whatever reason have been unable to. Decorate the other side or leave it blank. Place the card in the postcard holders provided. At the end of the project, it will be photographed by artist, Cate Smail. Then all the postcards will be turned into papier mache and a giant heart shaped artwork will be created.

On Thursday there will be origami bird making, an art and nature activity as well as the opportunity to say something you have never been able to express in Postcard from the Heart. And I would like to take this chance to say please come along and take part.

In addition to these opening night activities there will be an emotional x-ray workshop with art psychotherapist Maria Galvez Potina on Thursday 3rd October so please do get in touch if you would like to reserve a space.

In addition to Art + Healing the Free Space are to host the only performance of Kaleidoscope The Unpublished Chapters: Relapse by experimental theatre company Hidden AgendaThis devised site specific promenade piece will be performed on Saturday 12th October at 8pm. This free performance will see audience members guided by a peculiar fellow through a series of warped scenarios which take inspiration from Brothers Grimm fairy tales.

If you would like to book a free place in the audience please get in contact and bear in mind that there are flashing lights during the performance.


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