Exhibition ‘Art + Healing’ 9th Sept – 19 Oct 2013 / Workshops – ‘Secrets with wings’ & ‘Let Nature be your inspiration’

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On Thursday last week I was manning the bar at the opening of the Art + Healing exhibition. My previous barmaiding experience was in a small country pub, the clientele consisted of a man who routinely slept by the fire and one other who spoke purely about his theories of human evolution. The patrons on Thursday were full of interesting conversation sparked by the art work, many in turn were greatly moved by the works and stories on the walls. Let’s just say my shift at the ‘Free Space Arms’ far outshone those late summer shifts wedged behind the elbow polished wooden bar of a Norfolk tavern.

I would highly recommend that you come along alone or to one of our workshops and take inspiration from the openness and honesty showcased in the exhibition.

On the open evening despite a dampness hanging in the air we had our Let Nature be your inspiration workshop in the garden area which saw people printing with things they had found in the garden, kind of like an organic William Morris style of hanging pieces were produced for display in the Art Shed. Indoors people were busy with Secrets with Wings which resulted in a wonderful display of origami butterflies and birds each containing a secret.

The exhibition is open until 19th October so there is plenty of time to come and see the work as well as join in with one of our workshops so please get in touch if you would like to attend Creative X-ray on 3rd of October or Let Nature be your inspiration on October 14th.


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