Past exhibition – ‘Throwing Conversations’ – 21st January – 7th February 2014

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Yesterday evening we celebrated the exhibition Throwing Conversations with a late opening. The atmosphere was warm and inviting with Rosie Healy and Victoria Dickson as wonderful hosts.

The exhibition is up for a good few weeks yet so please do pop along and have a look at this vibrant and life filled show. The topic of the exhibition is an expression of two women’s experiences of having lived with someone experiencing alcohol and or substance addiction. Despite its subject matter  the work is light and playful and asks us to rethink our preconceptions of what it is to be a carer in this context.

Speaking with Rosie last night I was inspired by her plans to further develop this unique method of releasing experiences on to paper and canvas and wish her the best of luck in developing these ideas further.

The exhibition is open Mon – Fri 9am – 6pm until 7th of Feb so please do pop along.

Also in other news if you are feeling green fingered and fancy popping down on Saturday afternoon we will be working on the Well Beeing Garden in our grounds. The idea behind this project is to develop a garden space attached to Free Space which promotes our values of health and wellbeing, promotes exercise and grows us some food to use at open evenings such as last night.


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