Past Exhibition – ‘Artism’ – 18th March – 13th May 2014

‘Artism’ – 18th March – 13th May 2014

Please join us at the opening evening on Thursday 27th March 6-9pm

Free Space Gallery show cases the work of artists with autism in the new exhibition Artism 18/3/14 – 13/5/14. Work is gathered together from artists based in the US and UK gives people an insight in to the quality and range of work being produced. Although this is a show by artists with autism it is not a show about the way in which the condition affects their work but rather a celebration of creativity.

‘Artism’ faced with challenges in communication, individuals with autism often use art as way to express themselves. From the literal, drawing a glass when a person is thirsty, to figuratively expressing emotions through conceptual drawings, poor verbal communication promotes Artistic talents among the Autistic.

Curated by Emily Pelleymounter (MA Goldsmiths Visual Anthropology) who was, until recently, an executive of The Autism Trust where she discovered many of the artists featured in this show. She convinced that, in the category of ‘Outsider Art’, individuals with autism have a great deal to offer.

Thanks also to Tressie Seegers and The Austin Harmony Project of Austin, Texas, for their collaboration with the exhibition.

Facebook event / Thursday 27th March 6-9pm

Press review /

10.04.2014 / The Kentishtowner – “Art: your essential spring guide”

27.03.2014 / Le Cool – “Artism”

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