Current Residency & Workshop: Repeat Depictions & Plant dye workshop

July and August are busy months at Free Space Gallery. Our current exhibition Build Your Own Universe continues to be a great success for all involved and has only a few days remaining before it is to be replaced by A41 Project by Colin McPherson.

As well as exhibitions taking place in our gallery space we have also been lucky enough to play host to artists Chris Cooper and Lisa Muten for a period of three months for their residency Repeat Depictions. Chris and Lisa have been exploring the influence of the clinical and architectural environment on their work, taking part in arts based dialogues. To see the results of their work please come along to their open evening when they will be giving tours.

Thursday 31st July 6.30 – 9pm 

And if that is not enough for you then we can also offer you a range of outdoors activities. Italian artist Desia Centazzo is to return in August and September to deliver two more of her plant dye workshops. Desia has been growing the plant ingredients for this workshop in our Well – Beeing Garden and will be extracting blue dye and pigment from woad. Each person who takes part will be able to take away with them their own pallet of blue colour. So do please get in touch to take part in this free workshop.

Monday 4th August 2.30 – 4pm 


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