Wall paper painting & the A41

Next Thursday we look forward to welcoming Colin McPherson down from his northerly home to attend the open evening for his exhibition the A41 Project. His work which has been eliciting a great deal of response and prompting discussion on the issue of inequality amongst staff, patients and visitors to the Kentish Town Health Centre. 

We do hope that you will be able to come and join us for the opening and add your voice to these debates. 

On the same evening artist Veronica Rowlands will be asking you to get involved in painting. Veronica will be exhibiting with us in early 2015 and hopes you will help her create some of the work for her exhibition. Veronica will be bringing her hand drawn and painted wall paper which she has been getting people to paint on at a variety of events in galleries across London. The bright and light characters created in her signature style invite you to be creative and bold. This wonderful project is all in aid of raising awareness of bowl cancer and breast cancer



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