Black & Blue

Black & Blue is our current exhibition by artists Penny Clayden and Chris Day. A show of work exploring the theme of dis – ease. How do we cope with pain? What does pain look like?

To hear more about the themes in the work please join us on Friday 12th of December 7 – 8pm for a conversation between the artists chaired by Alice Kettle.

The exhibition will be with us until January 16th 2015 so do please come along and examine others pain.

Penny Clayden – Pain is a universal human experience. Penny’s current work explores her relationship to and experience of pain.Penny has an extensive knowledge of pain both personal and through exposure to the pain of others during her long career as a nursing professional.

Chris Day – ‘In living we leave traces’. Chris’ professional work requires the use of macroscopic and microscopic findings to analyse and diagnose: to investigate and redress the imbalance in the inherent rhythms of nature. Man acts and nature responds. Chris works intuitively with cloth to depict this interaction by examining the disruption of harmony in nature instigated by man.’



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