Empathy workshop & Artist talk

empathy workshop

We are pleased to be able to work again with photographer and artist Daniel Regan. As part of our programme of events for Creativity and Well-being week we are offering a free afternoon workshop, an artist talk and an open evening.

Daniel has chosen to focus on empathy as the theme for his workshop asking participants to try and view life through the eyes of another. Daniel’s photographic work has in some of his recent projects, chosen to focus on his own personal experience with his mental health. His work has been placed in our gallery setting and been viewed by both patients and clinical staff, people have had a strong reaction to this powerful and personal work which helps if only for a second for someone to see life through another’s eyes. For an opportunity to take part in this workshop on Friday 5th June 2 – 4pm please get in touch 

In addition to this free workshop we will also be hosting an artist talk on Friday 5th June 7 – 8.30pm. A talk between three artists (Antonia Attwood, Liz Atkin and Daniel Regan) who all consider mental health in their work. And we will be holding an open evening for the new exhibition by Maurien Venables. Maurien is now in her mid eighties this will be her largest exhibition to date bringing together work from the last 10 years. Maurien has been creative throughout her life working in graphic design, sign writing and illustration. In recent years Maurien has been focusing on photoshop and uses it to create intricate and colourful patterns.


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