Empathy/artist talk/photoshop

Friday was a day full of activity at the Free Space Gallery with an afternoon empathy and photography workshop followed by an evening artist talk with Daniel Regan, Liz Atkin, Antonia Attwood and chaired by Anna McNay

Photographer Daniel Regan led our empathy workshop in the afternoon asking participants to take photographs that represented an individual in their lives, he then helped everyone make their own books again in the style of their chosen individual.

After the glitter and paints had been cleared away a crowd gathered to hear how the theme of mental health plays a large role in the work of three artists.

All artists were extremely honest and open in their talks about their own experiences and how mental health had come to feature in their work.

The events were organised as a part of Creativity and Wellbeing Week in collaboration with Fragmentary. Keep your eyes peeled for more fabulous events taking place at Free Space Gallery.

On Friday 12th June 6.30 – 9pm we will be hosting the opening evening for Maurien Venables an artist working in photoshop to produce colourful, intricate lace inspired patterns. Now in her mid eighties Maurien has been working in the creative industry for many years and is pleased to now have found a method that she finds satisfying.


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