Vote for us!


Funding has become such a large elephant in recent years. We often start dreaming about our projects and how they would be delivered in a perfect world where we have plenty of funds to realise long lasting and effective arts and health interventions.

However we are in reality a small charity we work in our local area to do as much as we can for our patients, local residents and the wider community through creative means. We get our funding from local people and some one off project grants. Funding is so important for our continued success and to deliver our responsive programmes which seek to answer specific needs (art therapy, dance for people with Parkinson’s, drawing for people with Aphasia, gardening workshops etc).

We have been shortlisted to receive funding from Tescos through their new scheme to fund charities with the money collected by their 5p bags. So if you are in north London between February 27th and March 6th please buy something ask for a token and vote for us!

We plan to use the money to expand our garden and our gardening programme, to make the space more accessible and to grow vegetables which can be given to those locally.

Participating Tescos stores include: Kentish Town, Camden, Tottenham Court Road, Warren Street, Russell Square, Hampstead and Kilburn. 

Thank you for your support



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