Costume Change and Creative Afternoon

Last week we had the pleasure of hosting a creative afternoon of activities to make the end of the residency of Charlotte Maclean and Patricia Finnegan who have been based with us for a number of months.

Charlotte and Patricia have been taking inspiration from the magazines they have found in the waiting areas of the centre, with particular reference to the female form. The drawings and prints that have resulted from their studies have formed a sculptural dress which they showcased at their Creative Afternoon event. Visitors were encouraged to add to the piece which Charlotte and Patricia plan to continue working on after the end of their time with us.

To have a look and listen to what they have been up to please watch their video here:

This Monday was the first of our 4 week course in costume making, under the guidance of costume designers from the Royal Opera House participants were instructed as to how costumes are made and the importance of them in productions. They then tried their hand at fashioning constructions from brown paper. Next week they will begin to work on costumes which will be displayed at the Royal Opera House. There are still places available on this course so please do get in touch if you are interested.

We are also happy to welcome our new artist in residence Sally Buchanan who will be working on creating installations throughout the building.


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