Costumes at the ready!


On Saturday we are heading to Royal Opera House to see the ballet Giselle with a large group from our Dance for Parkinson’s, art therapy, costume making and gardening workshops.  In preparation for this trip we have been running ballet costume making workshops in collaboration with Royal Opera House. Given the brief of producing from paper life sized ballet costumes for Giselle we had some great fun! The results of this series of workshops will be exhibited at the opera house over the weekend so we will be sure to take some photos of them in their natural habitat.

As well as working on paper costumes we have also tried our hand at being a performance venue welcoming the collective 9 Grams of Moon on Friday and Saturday of last week. 9 Grams of Moon have been working on an interactive projection called Strawberry Vale 2.0. Still a work in progress piece Strawberry Vale 2.0 explores what it is like to grow up and sacrifice some of your imagination. The audience were invited to a pre – show exhibition of the original hand drawn illustrations which feature in the performance as well take part in some drawing and colouring in activities. We hope to work with 9 Grams of Moon again in the future and perhaps their innovative use of our space will hail a new era of performance at Kentish Town Health Centre where we are based.



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