Antonia Attwood – Kickstarter

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We are pleased to announce that in the autumn of 2016 we will be welcoming Antonia Attwood as our new artist in residence.

Antonia graduated from BA Hons in Photography in 2014. Her practice in still and moving image explores ideas around the phenomenology of mental health.

We first became aware of Antonia’s work when she spoke at one of our artist talks a year ago as part of Creativity and Wellbeing Week 2015. Since then we have been following her work avidly as she continues to explore the experiences of those with mental health conditions.

The residency with us over a period of three months will give Antonia a chance to work solely on this theme in collaboration with our art therapist she will identify and work with individuals with lived experience of mental health. She will be working on helping them make moving image pieces about their experience.

However we do have a favour to ask…Antonia has launched a crowdfunding campaign to help realise this project so please do check it out and if possible help us fund this valuable project.   


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