A busy November

Busy November for us all here in Kentish Town!

Motherhood (Un)Speakable (Un)Spoken performance

Friday saw Joanna Rosenfeld perform twice for audiences assembled at Kentish Town Community centre. It was a wonderful and emotional end to the project Motherhood (Un)Speakable (Un)Spoken a series of multi arts based workshops on the theme of motherhood, a chance for mothers to explore their experiences in new ways.

The workshops were hugely successful and we hope to be able to run such workshops again in 2017 so do keep an eye out for details on our website.

The performances devised by Joanna are collections of stories collected from mothers of all ages and at all stages of their journey. Feedback from the audience included words such as ‘moving’ ‘emotional’ and ‘accessible’.


In addition Friday saw us hosting the second in a series of workshops with Catriona Grey and Marie Louise Plum creating polaroid lift pieces.

We are happy to have the opportunity to work with these two artists again.

Fridays 2 – 5pm until 2nd December – please get in ouch if you are interested in attending

Love Dad x

Last night we played host to Love Dad x an exhibition of work by Andrew Foster. Andrew explores his experiences of miscarriage on three occasions through this exhibition of inflatable sculptures and mixed media pieces. The evening was made complete with a screening of a short film by the same name by film maker Megan Beattie in which she explores Andrew Foster’s work.

We are pleased that our in house clinicians will also have the chance to learn about the range of services that are on offer for those who have experienced miscarriage when the Miscarriage Association, a charity with whom Andrew feels a deep affinity, will present to our clinical meeting.

This really completes our main aim which is a bringing together of the medical and creative approaches.

Victoria Coster questionnaire

In January we will be welcoming artist Victoria Coster for her residency at the health centre. Victoria will be using her time with us to explore her experiences of Tinnitus creatively. As part of this she is looking to collect details of other people’s experiences of Tinnitus. If you would like to add to her research and help her create her work please fill out her by getting in contact. 


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