Manifestations of the Mind

We are happy today to feature a guest blog entry by our current artist in residence Antonia Attwood read all about her experience below of working with participants of lived experience of mental health to produce collaborative video pieces about their individual experiences.

For the last two months I have been working with five participants at the Kentish Town Health Centre. I was really please with the success of the open call for participants and I am really looking forward to taking the project further and working with more people in the future.

I have been working closely along side the five participants as this project is as much about them as it is me. They are all so amazing and have amazing experiences that I believe are really important to share. Each story differs so much from person to person, although on a personal level I found them all so relatable in different forms. This project is about human experiences, perhaps we all have differing levels of these experiences, but on some level I believe we can all connect and above all empathise with one other. The project explores ideas around grief, anxiety, freedom, paranoia and confusion, emotions that we can all identify with.

Although all the participants identities will be kept anonymous, I really hope the show explores there individual personalities. Many of them are creatives themselves this has made the collaboration process really exciting for me, working along side them and being able to bounce idea off them. They have added images and poetry and above all their personal stories and I have really enjoyed just listening and chatting with them.

The final installation will be six films, visualising each person’s experience. I am really excited about showcasing the work and hope to see you all at the private view 16th January 2017 6.30 – 9pm
The films aim to help raise awareness of many people’s day-to-day experience when they are unwell. People’s experiences of the same diagnosed condition are obviously as different and unique as the people themselves.These works are a snapshot of the different ways certain conditions are experienced

I invite you to come and take a look at these insights into these incredibly resilient people’s lives and experience the ‘Manifestations of their minds.’

Many thanks

Antonia Attwood


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