Seed: A participatory arts programme


Starting on April the 21st and running until July 28 on Fridays from 2-5 pm we grow a Kitchen Garden, make prints, trade recipes while exploring stress and money. Starting from the gardens by growing own food and produce provides the base for developing Self-sufficiency through creativity and the understanding of economic systems resulting in a cookbook: Revival Cooking. The cookbook will be developed together to feature easy recipes around economical, nutritional ingredients incorporating tricks for eating well together or alone based on heritage cooking, frugal living and small space kitchen gardening.

Aims and objectives of SEED are:

  • To develop self-sufficiency
  • To engage with the arts and gardening as a tool to improving mental and physical wellbeing and expanding gardening, financial and nutritional skills sets.

SEED project explores a gig-economy which doesn’t seek profit, but works for sustainability serving people and the environment. Seed’s methods on how to trade skills and devise no or low cost products champion the handmade by simple or found materials through the strength of a community.

SEED’s motto is ‘interaction rather than transaction.’

Please contact Bess to get involved: